Where to Buy


How does the process of buying Harlow Cattle Company grass fed beef work?

Start by placing an order along with a deposit for a half or whole beef.  When your order and deposit is received and a steer is “sold” I will schedule a slaughter date, likely a week or two out to get a reservation at the USDA slaughter facility.  After butchering the carcass will hang at Heritage Meats, Rochester, for 21 to 28 days to dry age before cutting and wrapping (vacuum sealed) and flash freezing. Special cutting instructions such as thickness of your steaks, what roasts you’d like, type of short ribs, etc., are included in the costs.  I’ll help you with these.  When your beef fully frozen you will schedule a date for pick-up. Pick-up at Heritage Meats, in Rochester Washington is preferred (a couple of miles west of the Grand Mound exit off I-5). Heritage Meats does offer delivery to Seattle. Arrangements and cost vary—contact Heritage Meats for more info. Pick-up at the ranch is possible with special arrangement and a fee for mileage and time ($200) – same day transfer of meat required – Harlow Cattle Company does not have freezer space to hold beef. Final payment is due at the time of pick-up.