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4-H Steer


4hThought you’d get a charge out of this excellent comparison of how a steer calf grows up in 6 months.

The pictures above starts with the new born picture of 3Y70 taken March 3, 2007 probably about 85 pounds. The second was taken September 3, 2007 as he was nursing now weighing 655 pounds.

A great steer calf that was sold to Bill Bartolac as a project steer for a lucky 4-H kid.  This steer along with 6 other black baldy steers were purchased by Bill (Angus breeder) for kids.  The heaviest steer weighed in at 710 pounds on Sunday with the one in the pictures being the second biggest steer, but perhaps, the one with the best confirmation.  These steers will have ultrasound evaluation and weigh-in in eastern Washington in May with the final show for visual evaluation, coupled with the ultrasound results to produce a show winner.  Then the steers will be sold at an auction with the kids receiving the proceeds and the cattle slaughtered and the carcasses evaluated as well for further awards.

I am most interested to follow my steers.  And pleased to sell these docile and promising individuals for kids to enjoy, learn and experience the joy of working with and raising good cattle.