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Anatomy, Sustainability, and Ethics And 3 Harlow Cattle Company Donated Steer Hearts for 7th Grade Science The Evergreen School, Seattle


The 7th grade science classes dissected fresh whole cow hearts as part of their investigation of the pathway from photosynthesis to cellular respiration, and how energy from the sun eventually powers our bodies’ movement. One classroom observer noted:

anatomyThe class was phenomenal – have you ever seen a 7th grade science class where each and every student was spellbound, taking turns feeling an aorta, pulling on fascia, poking their fingers in heart valves? This is what science is supposed to look like!

In keeping with our commitment to sustainable and ethical classroom dissection, teacher Lindsey Own acquired the hearts from Harlow Cattle Company, a sustainably-operated open-grazing cattle ranch in Spanaway, WA, rather than from a traditional preserved specimen vendor.

Because the hearts were fresh and not preserved, the dissected hearts were then gifted to some of Lindsey’s doggie friends as delicious, healthy dog food, resulting in zero specimen waste. Be sure to ask one of the 7th graders about the depth of their learning from their series of classroom dissections, and the importance of ethical practices in animal-based research and classroom dissections!