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Harlow Beef, Now Available on Crowd Cow

Ethan and Joe from Crowd Cow paid a visit to the Harlow Cattle Company ranch last summer, introduced themselves and Crowd Cow – an internet based meat retailer. We all were happy to discover how the Crowd Cow’s mission fits perfectly with Harlow Cattle ranch practices and cows.


The Crowd Cow mission

Crowd Cow brings you the very best meat, from the happiest cows, at an affordable price.

We believe you should know where your meat is coming from. We want people to enjoy healthy, delicious beef while honoring the animals and ranchers that make it possible.

By connecting consumers directly with local, sustainable farms, everyone wins.


During the visit, I learned of Ethan and Joe’s passion, skills and commitment. They toured the ranch and learned a bit about the beef cattle business—what it takes to breed and grow-up a new born calf. And, at the same time, learned about my unique beef cattle business.

Today the Harlow Cattle Company is privileged to be among the local beef cattle farmers featured on Crowd Cow. If you’re looking to try Harlow grass-fed, grass finished, dry aged beef and don’t have a large freezer, you’ve found the perfect place. Crowd Cow shares include 6 to 9 pounds of beef – enough for a large dinner party. And typical family of four will usually go through a share of selected cuts in about a month.

View the video for a peek at our ranch and cattle when Harlow beef is “tipping”.

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